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Dad helped as mom had sex with young son, Pennsylvania (AP) — A northeastern Pennsylvania couple have been convicted of sexually abusing their son, who testified he had frequent sexual encounters with his mom beginning when he was eight and said his dad offered tips on what to do.

The 14-year-old boy told jurors at his parents' sex abuse trial he began having intercourse with his mom on his eighth birthday, about a year after his dad began showing him pornography.

The parents denied the allegations, but a Wilkes-Barre jury convicted them on all counts Friday. The parents will be sentenced early next year.

Prosecutors say the boy was home-schooled and didn't know how to use eating utensils or tie his shoelaces when removed from his Plymouth, Luzerne County, home in 2010.

The Associated Press generally doesn't identify people who claim to be victims of sexual abuse or their relatives.


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