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Extra lessons 16 year old girl want oral sex daily

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Dear Pastor,

I am writing to ask you for some advice. I am in love with a girl. She is 16 and I am 17. We are both high-school students but we are not from the same school. We are sexually active. I am not the first man for her and she is not the first girl for me.



something new

One day both of us were having sex and she told me she wanted something different. She told me she wanted me to perform oral sex with her. She started to do it to me and told me how to do it to her. Since she did that to me, I always want to do it. Every day she is calling, asking me when will we have sex again.

Is oral sex a good thing to do, pastor?

R.N., Kingston


Dear R.N.,

I wish you and this girl would learn to control your sexual urges. Why should both of you be having sex? I am not going to answer your question whether oral sex is right or wrong, but I am going to give you and this girl an assignment.

Please go on the Internet and find out whether oral sex is safe.

Recent research has shown that there are tremendous dangers to those who practise oral sex. So both of you should go and check it out for yourselves. Google can help you.




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