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slept with Skatta Foota Hype's recent rant on a UK radio station, during which he alleged that his ex-girlfriend and babymother, Ishawna, had sexual relations with his Read more...


CAN'T PLEASE MY WIFE … she threatens to cheat on me

Dear Pastor, am 26 and my wife is 37. We got married one year ago but I am disappointed in her. We do not have any children. Read more...


Jealous man cuts spouse's vagina

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer police in St Catherine are searching for a man who allegedly cut his girlfriend on her vagina following a disagreement.The incident occurred last Thursday in the rural community of Troja in the parish.


Briton fined for smuggling cocaine in panty British resident was hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday after she was held recently leaving the island with a quantity of cocaine in her panty. Read more...


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