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My employer impregnated me

Dear Pastor, am 25 and the mother of one son. This child is only one year old and his father is my boss. I used to babysit for him and his wife. His wife and I became very good Read more...


Florida police chief has no issue with dad who says he beat up son's sex attacker Florida police chief has caused a media stir by saying he is looking the other way after a father severely beat a man he caught sexually assaulting his 11-year-old son. Read more...


Tommy Lee warns Alkaline - Urges deejay to be careful of taboo lyrics

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has urged controversial deejay Alkaline to be careful of the messages that he is sending to minors especially as it relates to taboo sexual Read more...


Sex with a 15-y-o

Dear Pastor, first want to commend you on the wonderful work you are doing. I am a regular reader of your column and I believe that God has truly blessed you in helping a lot of people Read more...


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